I'm Andy, also known as  LC.  Only the real homies call me that! 👊🏽  I guess the right thing to do first is introduce myself to ya'll if you don't already know me.. I'm 23yrs old but look 12.  I was born and raised in a small town called Manteca, CA.  I have 2 twin brothers (18yrs old) but they look nothing alike, one can pass as my twin. Anyways, back to me.  Graduated in 2013. Picked up my first camera in 2015 and the rest was history... lol JK. So continue reading if you care to hear about my photography journey. WARNING: I'm not a writer, but I'll take your photo 😉 


In 2015 I started using my Aunts Sony point and shoot when we would go on trips. (shoutout Olga) I shot everything in AUTO.  I was watching a lot of photo tutorials on how a camera works.  I wanted to capture night shots (Milky Way type shots).  My favorite photos!  Wanting to learn how to shoot the Milky Way I needed a "professional" camera.  I saved up from working with my grandpa and bought my first DSLR.  A Nikon D3200.  After countless hours on YouTube I learned all the basic settings.  I would watch videos and write down the settings they used so when I go out I won't be lost when shooting in Manual Mode. It took me a couple months to get it dialed in but once I figured out how to properly use my camera I was hooked and started looking for photography jobs. I come across this job as a school photographer.  I thought this could be my first "real" job and it's something I'd enjoy doing.  

In 2016 I got hired as a school photographer and it was a lot of fun while it lasted! It didn't feel like work and I met some good people and learned a lot from them.  It also helped me learn studio lighting! I wasn't working that many hours and I just got tired of that Bay Area traffic! After I left that company I went back to mowing lawns with my grandpa. I saved up and bought my 2nd camera which was a Nikon D7100.  Oh, and I also took a long lens from work that I never gave back... whoops. 😂. 


Then came motocross... The first moto-photographer I started following was Mike Emery.  He's always been a huge inspiration to me.  He was working for VurbMoto at the time (RIP) and I just thought that was the best media company to work for.  I started to build my portfolio to show Emery. I would go out to Club Moto every Wednesday after work just to take photos. FUN FACT:  The first rider I ever met was Tyson Johnson (Chicken Little), I went up to him to show him some photos I got and he was stoked on them and posted them on social media tagging LC!  That's when I started to gain more Moto followers and they would ask me if I got photos of them at Club.  I didn't want to start charging anyone for my photos at the time because I was so new in the industry, I just wanted to get my name out! It took me a couple months to build a solid gallery to show Emery and other companies. I was sending out sooooo many emails/DM's to these companies and 95% of them turned me down.  One day I got a DM from MotoPlayground and let me tell ya'.. It really does go down in the DM's!! 😂 They asked me if I could cover a local amateur race and of course I was all for it! After that race they were impressed by my work so they asked if I wanted to shoot Mammoth. During that trip I met one of the photographers from Vurb, Matt Rice! Matt and I got along right away and it felt like I've known him for years.  After Mammoth, I covered Loretta Lynn's for MotoPlayground.  LL's is the biggest amateur race in the country! It was such a fun experience and I didn't really know anyone at the time, except for Matt Rice and a couple other photographers.  Matt was still working for Vurb and that's the company I wanted to work for. I found out Emery was no longer with Vurb so my contact was Matt! He's been in the game for a long time! I started asking him questions about the Moto industry and how I can get to where he is now. He said "You're here with a company and that's a big step!" He started the same way I started and that was working for Harold Martin from Motoplayground.  If you're reading this Matt, Thank you for my first Loretta's experience and Harold for giving me the opportunity! (I might make a blog about my first year at Loretta's).


In 2017 I covered my first pro motocross race with MotoPlayground.  Two local rounds at Hangtown, and Glen Helen. This was a dream come true and it's just the beginning! I never thought I would make it this far so soon! After those 2 races were over, I started to look for more jobs! I felt like with all this exposure I'm getting with MotoPlayground, I could use that to build up my portfolio and show other companies. My goal that year was to work full time and get paid to travel to all these races. Mid year I decided hit up Shirk who was running Vurbmoto at the time. They had a race called Vurb Classic which was a local race for me. I asked if he needed help covering that event.  It took about a week to hear back from him but it was worth it! That was my first event I helped cover for Vurb and I just couldn't believe it.  I've been following Vurbmoto since day 1 and to see that [] watermark at the bottom of the photo was unreal. They were stoked on the photos so they hired me again to cover more local amateur races. It was going so smooth until they decided to shut down VurbMoto FOOOOORRR-EEEVVVVVV-EEEEEEERRRRR! 2017 EvergoodCo. was made.  Shirk being the co-founder, and all the media guys from Vurb went over with Shirk.  I wanted to be apart of this rad group and I knew it was going to happen since I've helped them in the past. Shirk hit me up and asked if I wanted to cover some local races with Evergood.  I was all in!! #nochoice Before you know it I was shooting at Loretta Lynn's for the 2nd time in a row but this time it was with Evergood! Another unforgettable time! Thank you Shirk, Matt, and Tom the video guy! Rad group of people! Check them out


In 2018  I decided to do my own thing. ANDYLCPHOTO was in full force! It's not easy getting in with a company full time, I feel like it's who you know and a shit ton of luck. Most of these big companies already have a contracted photographer that cover all events and they just keep extending them until someone gets over it. That just makes me want to work harder! During those past 2 years I met a lot of great people and learned a lot!  Working for myself has helped me improve my photography skills.  I don't have to worry about how many photos I have at the end of the day or wondering if I have enough photos of a certain rider. I can go out and be more creative with my shots and show people a different angle. I wasn't sure if I was going to go to Loretta's this year knowing I wouldn't be making any money.. but I decided to go either way.  Packed my bags and off I went ✈️ I posted on my Instagram to let people know I would be out there taking photos and surprisingly a couple people hit me up.  Oh, and check out my Instagram if you haven't already @andylcphoto 😉 Photos from Loretta's will be coming up on my next blog and I have to say, it's probably my best work I've done. So if you made it this far, THANK YOU!  I'm going to continue with this photography journey and with this blog, I can go back and have something to look back on. I might post everyday, every other day, or once a month, I don't know yet.  Like, Comment, subscribe.. Oh wait, this is not YouTube 😂


So as of right now,  you can find me working @ The Home Depot warehouse in Lathrop, CA. 🤓

Over and Out, 



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